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GRRRR. [25 Dec 2002|01:12am]
[ mood | disappointed ]


I got to meet Gilderoy (YES, he lets me call him by his first name) several days ago. Wonderful, talented, handsome man. I love him. It was like a dream. Pinch me, Sally. Hansel, however, is a perverted idiot. He was checking all the women out. Especially Sally, which was really funny. Professor Snape (I can't call him anything but that, after two years of his classes) wasn't amused, though. It'd be so cute, if he weren't my old cantankerous professor. *^_^*

So...Then.. Yule Ball. I was all pretty and everything, in hopes of snagging a dance with Gilderoy. And I DID. It was so wonderful. We talked about his stunning wardrobe, his books, his smile... Everything was so delightful. And then..that Magical Mistletoe came up out of nowhere and I was so happy/shocked! But...suddenly, that IDIOT Hansel pops up and kisses me right on the lips! GRR. I wanted a kiss from Gilderoy. ;_; That would have made my lifetime. Even Gilderoy looked sad that he couldn't give me one.

I still can hope for one until mid-January. ~_~

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Happily back home! [17 Dec 2002|10:19pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

How I've missed England. It's so good to be home and not see raw sewage in streets and homeless dogs all over the place. And to be able to speak the language! Dear me, how I've missed it.

I've been assigned to Hogwarts with a Swiss Auror by the name of Hansel Reiss (I gave him my only Journal code in hope that I'd be able to get to know him better). I've only met him once so far, but he seemed pleasant enough. But he kept doing weird things. I asked how he was doing and he said, "Sehr good, Fraulein Boggins." And then he bid me farewell and headed toward the women's washroom speaking about having to pick up some very important items from his office.

My whole duty is to smooth things over between the Hogwarts staff and students (what with the Dementors) and make sure Mr. Reiss doesn't do anything too crazy. Andrew Bean, who is part of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad, told me that Mr. Reiss was given quite a scare several years ago that got him mixed up. He's still quite the Auror, apparently, just needs help now and then.

I'm a little disappointed, though. I chose this job so that I could return home, yet all I am is a mediator and a glorified babysitter. *sigh*

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Golly! [25 Nov 2002|12:50am]
[ mood | relieved ]

I found out from my supervisor that I'm transferring back to England... To help out with Hogwarts' predicament. ...Things aren't clear to whether I'll actually go to Hogwarts, or just help out at the ministry. They're sending someone else to deal with these Taiwanese. All I can say is good riddence. I was looking forward to learning Chinese and all that, but I can't read or even pronounce it to save my life! It'll be good to get out of here.

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Great Merlin! [30 Sep 2002|08:55pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

O_O ....... ...Lockhart...is..at..Hogwarts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to go there and marry him. Provided that he'd want me. Oh my!!!!!!! I'm so jealous at Sally for working there. Suddenly I find myself wanting to become a Hogwarts professor, too. =/

Lockhart has a JOURNAL. I'm adding him onto my friends list...Maybe he'll add me back and we can start talking together about his marvelous adventures and then he'll propose marriage to me and then we can get married and have children and live happily ever after. O_O I hope!

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Awwww [26 Sep 2002|07:18pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Which Harry Potter Man Should Be Your Lover?

*grins and blushes* He's not stupid. These test people really bother me. How can they dislike Lockhart? He's simply dreamy. And smart. *swoons*

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Goodness. [25 Sep 2002|12:03pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Sirius Black is on the move, apparently! There are sightings of him all over the English countryside. The English Muggles and wizards have launched a massive manhunt. Louis, my supervisor, said that I might be going back to England sooner than we had originally thought. Oh my! I hope so! I've been playing Dance Dance Revolution at a local arcade a lot while on break. It's a much better way of spending your lunch break, if you ask me!

Now that Taiwan can breathe a sigh of relief since Sirius Black isn't coming to slaughter them all, they've been concentrating on lesser criminals, which although is not as stressful, is boring. I heard about the whole scandal over at Hogwarts awhile ago. Sally, is all of that stuff, true? Did you actually sleep with Sirius Black, Professor Snape, some goblin king guy (ew, goblins are gross!), and others? And did Mad Eye Moody really give Billy's brother alcohol? And does his brother really harbour feelings for Harry Potter? Goodness, someone sort this out for me! I'm curious!

And I noticed that some guy pretending to be Sirius Black added me onto his friends' list. Haha, funny. Idiots.

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confusion [27 Aug 2002|02:31am]
[ mood | stressed ]

What the bloody hell?!

Li Xiao Wan thought that I was telling her in Chinese to "sod off" (that would be the censored version). I thought I asked her for emigration documents. ... Is my Chinese that poor?

Li bitched at me for three minutes in Chinese. I hadn't a clue what she was saying, because she was speaking so quickly. Louis, my advisor, had to come and break it up. I'm so confused. I apologized to her...

Then I came back here to my hotel room and watched reruns of Meteor Garden. Taiwanese Muggle soaps dsturb me.

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Busy day. [26 Aug 2002|04:16am]
[ mood | tired ]

I feel as though I've been hit by a train. It was simply shocking how many people wanted to talk to me today and get the Ministry's slant on Sirius Black's recent escape from Azkaban. The Taiwanese are very worried about him coming here and killing them all or something. Although, personally, if I were Black, I would choose a more suitable place to stage a massacre. Taipei is the most backwards city I have ever stayed in. Almost got run over by two drivers today, actually. Really, uncivilized. They just go whenever they feel like it. I've seen countless numbers of accidents. The only good thing is that everything's pretty cheap. Got breakfast for the equivalent of a sickle. Amazing, really.

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